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    How Important Is A Website Audit To Convert More Customers?

    E-commerce is the man of the hour. Every other business is now shifting from its traditional marketing techniques to digital ways of running a business. As the majority of people are on their phones or a digital platform for most of the day, e-commerce has been thriving like never before!

    It not only makes the buying easier for the customers, but it also gives them several other benefits of making a purchase online – be it special discounts, flexible delivery options or even the option of scanning through hundreds of shopping options at the click of a button.

    Therefore, e-commerce has been a great boost to the digital marketing world and it has been taking over the traditional marketing system at a lightning speed.

    The Issue with E-commerce

    However, the most common and widely addressed problem that e-commerce faces is that of a low conversion rate. As the sites are easily accessible for everyone using internet and visiting a site does not cost them anything, there are more and more people who would visit the site, browse through all the options and then bounce off to another site.

    No matter how famous or brilliant a brand is, it would ultimately not benefit unless its visitors make purchase and get converted into buyers. This is why all the brands functioning through e-commerce have been trying to convert as many visitors as possible.

    There are several ways in which the rate of conversion can be increased your visitors can be encouraged to make purchases. One of the most fruitful ways is to make your website go through an audit.

    What Is A Website Audit?

    A website audit is a process in which your e-commerce website is thoroughly scanned and analyzed, looking for all your strengths and all the areas where you can improve. You can very well do the audit by yourself, but it is always preferred to hire professionals to carry out this job.

    When you hire professional website auditors, they would look at various aspects of your site and would determine what is lacking in your site that has been preventing your visitors from converting. Website auditors would give you all the information about your site –right from the number of times your pages have been viewed individually to the pastern in which your site is navigated by the visitors. The audit can also give you a report regarding the areas from which your site is being viewed by your visitors.

    Increasing Conversion Rates Using Website Audit

    A good and authentic website audit can result in an increase in your conversion rates. This is because the audit would give you all the details about how your site is being visited by people across the globe.

    Website audit has helped various firms in all sectors. It has helped law firms to see what the visitors are seeking the most. It has helped the hotel industry to check which aspect of their management is viewed and loved the most. All these sectors have been benefitted by the practice of website audit and have also been able to make changes in their management wherever necessary

    Here are some of the most basic ways in which you can convert your visitors into loyal customers using the service of website auditing:

    Tracking The Traffic On Your Site

    This is the most basic function of any website auditor. They would track the behavior of everyone who visits your site and give you all the information. BY tracking the traffic, you would be able to know what keywords your customers used to reach to your site, their behavior within your site and the time for which they were browsing your site. All these details can be really important for you to make any changes in the way your website has been designed and structured.

    Determining The Bounce Rate

    Bringing people on to your site is not enough. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you should also be able to make them stay on your site for a longer time for the visitors to explore your site. This may increase their chances of being converted. This is because the longer they stay, the more likely they are to get encouraged to make a purchase.

    Website audit would also give you the bounce rate for your visitors, which is nothing but the rate with which your visitors tend to bounce off to other websites. It is every digital marketer’s pursuit to increase their site visits and minimize the bounce rates.

    It is therefore extremely important for a businessman to undergo efficient website audit for their businesses. This would help them in several sectors of their enterprise. If they are not being able to generate enough revenue and are facing a crisis in managing their cash flow finance, they can ascertain that by getting a complete report of their site. If they are not able to ascertain where the largest chunk of revenue is coming from, they can trace down their customers to find that out.

    A website audit not only makes the evaluation of your business site more authentic, but it also ensures its sustainable progress over a period of time.

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