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    Top 5 Ultimate Ways to Rock Your Beach Wedding

    With every passing year, more and more couples are opting for minimalistic, intimate and classy wedding ceremonies. With this influx of change, a lot of couples who do not wish to have indoor weddings, are choosing exotic outdoor locations as their wedding venue. Some of these locations include parks, fields, vineyards, yachts, golf courses, monuments, zoos and most commonly, the beach. Beaches are a perfect wedding venue for those couples who want a wedding with a view. Beaches are ideal for couples who wish that their guests leave with everlasting memories and impressions of their special day. For all the brides and grooms who want to make their beach wedding dream come true, we have put together 5 ultimate way to rock your beach wedding that ensures you sail through your wedding day as smoothly as ever.
    1. Keep the veil from blowing around:
    The beach is going to have some amount of breeze at some point or the other. And if you’re a bride who’s going to wearing a veil at your beach wedding ceremony, you most definitely don't want your veil to blow around and be a distraction as you take your vows. Neither do you want your veil to be all over the place as you walk down the aisle as miss or when you leave the ceremony space as misses! The best, easiest and most effective way to hold down your veil from blowing around is by using veil weights. Veil weights add weight to your veil and keep it in one place, contained. They easily blend into the veil and gown and can hardly be seen. You can also choose decorative veil weights that complement the design of your outfit.
    1. Keep your feet off the hot sand:
    Hot sand is truly the worst thing to deal with even on a day out to the beach. Imagine having to deal with this hot sand on the most special day in your life? There are 2 things when it comes to footwear and beach weddings. Firstly, for the bride; while the bride might choose to go barefoot, it is always a good idea to have a backup. Have a pair of delicate flat sandals that match your wedding gown. Secondly, for the guests; no one likes to have their heels sink into the sand or have sand slip into their shoes. Have a designated area for guests to remove their shoes, near the wedding space. Also, have a variety of different colored and differently sized flip-flops for the guests to wear to keep their feet off the hot sand. Not only is it practical, but is also a really sweet gesture.
    1. Protect your guests from coastal elements:
    Successful beach weddings are those where the bride and groom make a special extra effort in making sure that their near and dear ones are comfortable throughout the ceremony. When guests are relaxed at your wedding and not looking forward to leaving due to discomfort, it means that you have done a good job planning. Happy guests reflect a successful event. Beaches aren’t the easiest to deal with. The breeze, the harsh sun, the humidity, the hot sand all add to the inconvenience. However, it is not hard to sail through this experience. An easy way is to put together a beach wedding welcome bag. This bag can contain a few things like sunscreen, lip balm, hand fans and a bottle of water. A thoughtful addition could be a hat. It could also include a pair of slippers and sunglasses too. You could also throw in some candy and tissue paper to complete the bag. To add a personalized touch, you can print the monogram of the names of the bride and group on every element of the bag that will also serve as a wedding memoir.
    1. Check your permits:
    Every location will have different rules and regulations for people to use the beach as a celebration space for weddings and receptions. Therefore, it is important to have all the required permits in hand before putting together elements of the beach wedding, to avoid any disruption at the end moment. Even resorts with private beaches may require some permissions from the local corporations. Sometimes, you might also require permission to set up speakers, serve food items and alcohol on the beach. It would be a good idea to research and get information about necessary permits and make sure you have all the authorizations that permit you to host your event.
    1. Finally, and most importantly, keep the d├ęcor simple:
    Beaches are a classic for those who want their wedding to be an outdoor but intimate affair. The trick to a rocking beach wedding is to keep it simple. Decorate the space delicately by buying wedding flowers that match the theme and color palette of your wedding and let the sea be the backdrop. Drape some flowy fabric on the backrest of the chairs, line the aisle with flower bouquets and lanterns, and create an artistic arch using fabric, fairy lights and flowers under which the bride the groom can take their vows to love each other for the rest of their lives.

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