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    Getting married when you have children

    Planning a wedding when you already have children can be an exciting experience. Perhaps this isn’t your first wedding, or you and your partner have children from a previous relationship. Whatever size and make-up of your family, including children in your wedding preparations and on the day itself is important. Depending on their age, ask how they want to be involved and find age-appropriate things for them to do. Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Get Crafty

    Children often love getting involved in making things for your big day. They can be a great help in checking things off your long to-do list as well. Perhaps they could help write out place cards for the tables, help put the favours together, stamp envelopes or make decorations for your reception venue.

    2. Let them help choose the cake

    Your kids will feel proud of the fact that they helped choose the colour, style or flavour of the wedding cake. If you don’t like their choice, have a quiet word with the cake maker to see if they can make a cake that’s half and half, or perhaps make a small separate cake for the children. Being involved with decisions will make them feel special.

    3. Kid’s Drinks

    Why not have a special section of the venue devoted to serving special signature kid’s drinks as designed by them? Non-alcoholic cocktails with fruit and umbrellas or weird and wonderful milkshakes – it will be a special treat and they’ll love choosing the ingredients.

    4. First Look

    This is a popular photograph moment for the bride and groom but why not have one for your children after the couple have had their first look? It will be an exciting moment with lots of anticipation and a moment to treasure as you bond further as a family. Discuss all your ideas with the professional photographer you choose. For a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, try Nick Rutter Bournemouths Number 1 Wedding Photographer.

    5. Bridesmaids and Pageboys

    One of the most common and lovely ways to include children is to give them the honour of being a bridesmaid or pageboy. They will get to enjoy all the benefits of being part of the plans, attending the rehearsal and of course, getting to dress up on the day itself. Younger children can be flower girls or a ring bearer.

    6. Include them in the ceremony and/or vows

    It’s possible to include your children in the ceremony itself, as they can be called forward to join in prayers and blessings for a religious ceremony and can play a role in a non-religious wedding too. Remember that marriage when you have children is a family occasion so it’s lovely to include them in that part of the ceremony. If you’re writing your own vows, write them in too. This will affirm that you’re creating a family and not just gaining a spouse. 

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