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    DRIcore for Basement Subfloor Installation

    Finishing a basement it’s essential to keep the floor bone-dry, as there is potential threat of water coming in from all directions: seeping-in from foundation walls, dripping from plumbing, pouring from services located in the basement and wicking up from concrete floor. Appropriate basement subfloor installation is the most essential step to create strong barrier preventing mold growth and water from seeping-in. The condition of subfloor is the major factor that determines if your basement floor is warm and dry. Among great variety of available options of underlayments, DRIcore is the most efficient and one-step engineered subfloor solution that’s specifically designed for basements. Read my review why DRIcore is the best choice for basement subfloor installation.
    DRIcore subflooring is one of the newer systems, invented in the 1990s, which has become popular and favourite for the most durable and moisture-proof flooring options. It typically comes in panel shapes smaller than the plywood sheets. Panels and premade moisture barriers are made from OSB, constructed of polyethylene or durable foam. DRIcore subfloor panels have been designed with air-gap technology to keep basement floors dry, comfortable and cozy throughout the year. It promotes good indoor air quality by allowing concrete to breathe, reducing the potential for mold and mildew. It separates wet floor from your living space flooring, allowing water to flow under to sump pump and airflow for quick drying. It’s a great option for basement subfloor installation with low to mid-range moisture problems. Besides, DRIcore is extremely durable, functional and long-lasting material.
    Though, it seemed to be a little pricey, there isn’t too much difference between the cost of DRIcore and plywood subfloors. Since the DRIcore system is newer and more branded model, it costs about $6.43 per panel or tile, so each square foot of DRIcore costs $1.61.
    Here are major benefits of DRIcore subfloor:
           It doesn’t raise the floor, which makes it excellent solution for basements with low ceilings.
           It makes premade subfloor application more efficient. You don’t have to scratch or build-it-yourself subflooring.
           OSB panels are one of the most trusted materials in the industry due to its ability to be clean, smooth and always flat.
           It has tongue and groove design.
           Its panels are fast and easy to install; a typical 500 sq. ft. basement installs in an afternoon.
           It raises finished floor temperatures by 3.2ºC / 6ºF (R-Value level of 1.7).
           DRIcore panels support over 6,600 lbs. per sq. ft.
           It has limited 25-year warranty.

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