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    Making the most of your nose

    As humans, our sense of smell may not be as sophisticated as some other animals, but it is one of the senses that quickly and easily links to your emotions. Smells can transport you to a different place and time and can also influence the way you interact with people and buy products. This is where Scent Marketing comes into play.

    Scent Marketing has been developed from the psychology surrounding how different scents and smells can impact the way a customer behaviour. The aim of the marketing is to impact this behaviour in a positive way. A bit like the well-known view that having the smell of freshly baked bread and cookies or newly washed linen can help influence the sale of a property. Thinking carefully about what smells evoke either an emotional connection with the product you are selling or will add to the brand profile that you are portraying means that you can select aromas that will compliment the other branding and marketing work that you are conducting. A good example of this is the smell you would associate with a candle shop lie Yankee Candle or the smells you think of when someone mentions the Body Shop.

    There are points that you may want to think about when employing the services of a scent marketing company so that they can find the best options for your specific business:

    ·        Make your scent makes sense – essentially be sensible with your choices. There would be no point in a car dealership having the smell of the beach throughout their showroom. They would be likely to have the scent of leather as this is a smell that you would link with car interiors.

    ·        Use your knowledge of your market – it is important again to make sure that you are aware of your customers and what their typical likes and dislikes are as this will help you to make the emotional bond between them and your brand, encouraging them to buy your product or service.

    ·        A mood can affect everything – thinking about the words that you would associate with your brand will also help you to decide which aromatic tones you would want to incorporate into your scent marketing. If you want your clients to feel relaxed and at ease you may have subtle notes of lavender included but you may not want to use this fragrance if you are a nightclub or bar and want to produce an energetic and vibrant feel to your surroundings.

    There you have some ideas to get you started and most importantly have fun with it!

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