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    Reasons why you should use React Native for Mobile App Development

    For any company that is looking to make a footprint in the mobile development world, regardless of the industry they belong to, the ultimate goal is to - Reach maximum audience at lower costs and a faster lead time.
    There are numerous ways to go about this approach, only thing important is to plan ahead and stick to it and then it’ll be a dream come true. But no dreams ever bought are cheap.

    The businesses looking to get ahead in the race with lower development costs need to make a bargain with the app quality. The fair part is, it goes the other way round too, quality apps don’t come cheap.

    For times like these, when there can be no compromise between the quality and time, there comes the savior App development process called React Native. It brings in the picture, apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and which are faster to develop.

    What is React native Mobile App Development?

    According to ThinkWik, React native is a framework that builds a hierarchy of User Interface components to build the JavaScript code. It has set of components for both iOS and Android platforms to build a mobile application with native look and feel.

    In simple words, Native app development means creating applications for a specific Operating system and React native helps the developers to reuse the code across all the possible channels on web and mobile.

    Why you should use React Native for Mobile App Development?

    • Better quality of code:
    As stated earlier, React native gives you the three major things - Quality, Low cost and faster development. So when you’re investing in React native, you’ll get low coding efforts and high functionality.
    React native builds the app for both platforms - web and mobile at once, this makes the efforts half and the performance of the apps are still unmatched.

    • No Rewriting:
    The library provides a react native app development company  with the Native components to be added initially. Consequently, The developer doesn’t have to write a code from scratch.

    • Reusable components
    As stated in the previous pointer, React native developers use building blocks that are basically reusable “native” components common for each code of the same kind. Additionally, the constituents that are used for the development of Android and iOS apps, have their complementary parts in React Native, which allows the develops to accomplish look and feel specific to each platform.

    • Single Codebase
    In a classic mobile app development framework, there are different codebases for Android and iOS. BUt when we talk about React Native, the whole library holds the code that can be used, both, in Android and iOS.

    This property makes it possible for React native to write code once and use it on multiple platforms. Thereby, reducing the developer’s efforts.

    The reasons Stated above, along with the ease of development and added advantage of getting access to a larger market size has attracted a large number of big brands to choose React native for their business’ App Development. Like, Walmarts, Skype, Facebook, etc.

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