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    Why silent isn’t always best

    I am probably one of the few people who really doesn’t enjoy the shopping experience. Regardless of whether it is food shopping or clothes shopping nothing feels me full of dread as much as the thought of having to spend hours walking around town trying on items and being incredibly indecisive about my choices. However, what I do enjoy is the music that plays in the stores. It really helps make what is usually a really stressful experience for me a much more pleasant one. There really is nothing worse than standing in a changing room trying to debate whether you should or should buy another little black dress whilst standing there in complete silence. It is definitely better to spend your changing room time bopping around to a bit of music. 

    I am not the only one who thinks that Music for business is incredibly important. Companies such as the one you can find at https://moodmedia.co.uk/in-store-media/ have incredible knowledge and expertise in this area and it is definitely worth contacting them to make sure you are making the most out of the music you are playing for your clients and customers.

    So why should you consider playing music in your store or work place?

    ·        It is a quick way to differentiate yourself from your competitors by incorporating music that you know will appeal to the demographic of the customers that you attract. Along with the rest of your branding collateral music can help to give your brand a solid identity that people feel connected to.

    ·    Providing a space for privacy – when you play music in your store you unknowingly add to the privacy of your customers. In a silent store you will often find people are uncomfortable chatting away to their friends and family for fear of being heard and as is typically British we become even more reserved. However, in comparison, when music is played you will see people relax into their surroundings and will chat away with their friends and this makes for an overall more pleasurable shopping experience.

    ·        Speed up or slow down – there have been studies undertaken into the effect of the pace of music on how customers move around the store. It is thought that slower paced music can influence shoppers to browse the aisles at a slower speed where as more up-tempo music playing tends to make people move quicker through the store. You can of course use this to your advantage and may play faster paced pieces towards the end of your opening hours to encourage people to select their items at an accelerated speed.

    Next time you reach for the radio to give your customers a bit of music, have a think about contacting the company above to put some thought behind your chances and really enhance your business brand. 

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