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    Importance Of The Internet In Learning

    With emerging technology, there is an advancement in the field of education as well. With the help of the internet, you can communicate, grow your social network, know the history, get the latest news updates, do research on a project, learn and understand various concepts. Let us know how the internet helps students in their day to day activity:

    Communication and Networking:

    With the trending applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, etc. students use all these social media channels to grow their social network and communicate with each other. They also exchange assignments, notes, books with the help of these channels. How? With the help of WhatsApp, FB they can share notes and assignments in the form of images. Also, large sized files are shared through Google drive, etc.

    Source of Information:

    Finding anything over the internet is so easy. Any information that students are looking for is got in just a few seconds. All they have to do is, type their question and the answer will appear on the screen. Suppose they want to learn to play a musical instrument such as a guitar, the information with the video classes will appear in the results. or even learning a language or dance videos to learn dance. Class 12 students can check for the exam timetable, textbooks, and syllabus for each subject -NCERT Syllabus For Class 12.

    Research work:

    Students can research ideas for their science and math projects. Science project details such as different topics, experiment requirements, procedure, conclusion, along with its applications are available.

    Encourages eLearning:

    Students come across different subjects like languages, social studies, mathematics, science, and technology. Any information regarding the chemical name and formula of an element or any doubts related to mathematics formulas and derivations can be fetched easily. Students can also look for courses online to study a particular subject. Class 12 students looking for biology syllabus can check out NCERT Syllabus ForClass 12 Biology.

    These were some of the importance of the internet in every student’s life and the role it plays in educating them. Students can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel for online Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics courses 

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