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    Crepes – Healthy and delectable snack

    Snacking becomes much more fun with nutritious and delicious food, that too having lower calorific value. And crepes are just a right fun thing to add to your healthy calorie intake. A crepe is a form of pancake which is quite thin in preparation. Crepes find their origin in a northwest area of France called Brittany and has become a savored delicacy and a gourmet meal across different continents. 

    An overview of Crepe 

    Going back to the origin and tradition associated with crepe dish, this delectable is served on Candlemas (La Chandeleur) in France on February 2 which had originally been celebrated as Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day, however, over the period of time got named as The Day of the Crepes (Le Jour des Crepes)and celebrated as National Crepe Day. February 2 has gained significance as it has become a tradition to offer crepes on this day with a quite interesting belief of getting rich during the upcoming year by catching the tossed up crepe with frying pan on right hand while keeping a gold coin on left hand. 

    Forms of Crepes
    ·         Crepes are really tempting delicacies having a range of recipes with mouthwatering fillings. However, there are mainly two forms of crepe dishes – Sweet Crepes and Savory Crepes. Sweet crepe is usually prepared with wheat flour and, its fillings may include maple or golden syrup, Nutella spread, fruit spread, whipped cream, granulated sugar or powdered sugar and custard. Sweet crepe can be served as dessert or eaten as breakfast.

    ·         Savory crepes are generally made with non-wheat flours like buckwheat and are usually served and taken as lunch or dinner. Savory crepe filling include cheese, mushrooms, eggs, ham etc.  A positive of batter made of entire buckwheat is that it is gluten-free which means people with gluten intolerance or gluten allergy. As far the specialty eateries are concerned, creperie is the type of restaurants who offer a range of crepe dishes and normally found in France. However, crepe dishes for being delicious and splendid are often included in menu listing of leading fine dining restaurants around the world.

    ·         Crepes in different forms have been included in the dietary habits of diverse cultures and countries. However, crepes are quite popular across France. Nordic or Swedish pancakes are quite similar to French crepe. English pancakes resemble wheat flour crepe, usually taken with lemon juice, sugar or golden syrup.  In US 49er flapjack is quite popular and is a sourdough crepe which is usually served open-faced with maple syrup or rolled-up with powdered sugar and butter.

    Crepe, whether sweet or savory, is a great dish which is liked across all age groups. That is why, it is offered by majority of sandwich and salad bars. For its low calorific value, crepes make up a great snack that can act as satiating filler between major meals. So, next time you crave for snacking, do call up a nearby creperie or restaurant crepes 9 S Broad Street, Ridgewood, NJ to savor your favorite crepe dish.

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