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    How is silicone used in industry?

    Silicone-based products can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. It is a versatile family of high-performance materials that are commonly used in a range of consumer and industrial products. These materials are also incorporated into health care and personal care products, electronics, transportation and the construction industry. Some of its applications are well-known, but some of its other uses may surprise you!

    Silicone can be easily manipulated and can tolerate high temperatures. It is also known to be age-resistant and works nicely alongside other materials to purify, soften, insulate or protect a product. Silicone-based materials can also be used to improve appearance or help in some way with reconstruction.

    One of the cleaner and safer rubbers, it is chemically stable and less volatile than natural rubber. Silicone is used in food manufacturing as it is temperature-resilient and non-stick. It’s a favourite in the food processing, dairy, brewery and antimicrobial belting industries. Vending machines serving hot beverages require not only the safety benefits of silicone but also the physical properties to enable the tolerance of high temperatures.

    Silicone is often incorporated into electronics

    Silicone rubber is also used in computers and electronics, the motor industry, textiles, construction, household products and architecture. According to
    Business Matters, mould-making silicone rubber can also be used in the creation of special effects.

    Silicone is used in everyday household and manufacturing products

    People come into contact with silicone on a daily basis. This includes even the most basic products, including hair conditioner. Silicone rubber in also used in the electrical industry for coating and protecting wires.

    Silicone rubber is used in the manufacture of computer wires and in the medical industry for everything from from dialysis tubing to leads for pacemakers. Needle syringes are lubricated using silicone rubber, and hoses are also created out of silicone
    Good flex Rubber is a manufacturer and supplier of silicone hoses.

    Everyday products such as lipstick also use silicone. It can even be used to make other materials waterproof. It protects clothing from shrinking, and detergents and fabric softeners often rely on silicone to improve their abilities. You might be surprised to learn that deodorants, cosmetics, and moisturisers also use silicone.

    Construction machines, agricultural and forestry equipment use specially designed hoses to withstand their demanding environments.

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