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    Making Elevators New stop for Advertising

    Marketing is an essential element for any product to be successful and earn profits for the company. Marketing is considered to be process of creating relationship and satisfying customers. Advertisement and marketing has changed throughout the time and it has also evolved in terms of approaching the customers. One such new marketing term is elevator marketing. In simple words, it is promotion of products, services, brands and offers by various stores in an elevator either through posters or digital screen present in elevators and lifts. It is becoming choice of many companies as they found this way of advertisement very effective. In elevator advertisement, customer is exposed to the advert without the interference of external distractions which makes the ad more impactful and long lasting on mind of the potential or existing customer. Moreover, there is vast scope of being creative in elevator marketing. 

    For example, one can make the unique design which compliment the fact of opening and closing of an elevator door and can create more 'buzz' about the product as compared to those products who choose other form of advertising. Furthermore, choosing an elevator or lift as a location to promote an offer, product or service can be cost effective and affordable for astart up or a small andmid size companies where budget for advertising is low.In fact, lift ads can be customized and made according to location of the building in which elevator is hired for promotion and what kind of customer will be using that elevator which helps the brands and advertiser to target the audience more effectively and increase their chance of making a loyal and niche customer base.

    Creative elevator ads can act as an asset for the enterprise as it can help to leave a strong memory on the mind of the customer and influence their decision while making the purchase.Ads in elevators is not just limited to making consumer aware about products, schemes, sales and discounts in the store but also provides consumer an source entertainment in boring elevator ride in which they have nothing to do for 30-80  seconds which is also sufficient amount of time to tell the customer about brand or product.

     Below are some of the merits of using elevator adverts:

    The elevator advertising recall rate is considerably higher than traditional media vehicles. One can dispose the newspaper after reading an ad once or can simply skip the TV commercial by single click of the remote where as in an enclosed structure like elevator or lift it becomes impossible to ignore the ads.

    The public inside an elevator looks for sources of information or entertainment as they have nothing else to do hence any ad or advert of any product will be found appealing by the audience and can make them future customer of the brand.

    Lift advertising comes with benefit that it is free from various distractions where as forms of advertising like TV ads, print advertisements and radio ads come with the risk of various distractions.

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