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    The importance of website accessibility

    Building a website is a complex process, and developers need to keep two primary objectives in mind: creating a site that is search engine-friendly and ensuring that it is easy for every visitor to access and navigate using a wide variety of devices.

    As the internet has become an integral part of daily life, ensuring that your website does not exclude anyone from engaging with your content and accessing your products or services is essential. In some cases, web accessibility is also governed by specific policies and laws. The Web Accessibility Initiative has published a valuable document outlining areas for consideration that provides links to relevant resources from around the world.

    Enhance your Reputation and Increase your Reach by Making your Website Accessible to All

    Website accessibility is not something that every developer considers closely enough, but its importance cannot be overstated. Websites designed with accessibility in mind will perform better than sites that are impossible for some visitors to engage with. Additionally, if your business prides itself on its inclusivity, your website must reflect this ethos.

    Every genuinely accessible website has been built with accessibility at the forefront of every decision-making process. Here are just a few ways in which you can quickly enhance the accessibility of your website.


    Alt-tags are an HTML attribute that can be used to describe an image or graphic. If you are working with a team like the one at Elevate UK who specialise in the provision of professional SEO services in London, your site should already be utilising alt-tags for search optimisation purposes. The information you enter here will also be relayed by screen reader technology, so it is important to describe each image as accurately as possible to ensure that each visitor understands both the content and the context of your imagery.

    Closed Captioning on all Media

    If you rely on integrated audio or video material to communicate your story or showcase your products, you need to ensure that it is fully and accurately captioned. In addition to being a useful addition for visitors who might be accessing your site in a location where they cannot play audio, captioning is essentialfor ensuring that temporarily and permanently disabled users also have uninhibited access your content.

    Accessible websites facilitate engagement for all users, which is essential in today’s modern digital-focused landscape.

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